Maximizing Space with Trendy Cabinets


Cool Cabinet Features

Here are some new and ongoing trends in cabinetry:

1. Mixed materials: Combining different materials and finishes in cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular. For example, contrasting wood tones with painted finishes, using metal accents or hardware and incorporating glass elements.

2. Bold colors: While white cabinets have been the go-to for many years now, bold color choices are making their way into kitchen design. Dark shades like navy blue and black are gaining popularity as well as bright hues like emerald green and rich reds.


3. Minimalist style: Clean lines and minimal ornamentation are trending in cabinet design. Flat-panel doors with simple hardware create a streamlined look that feels modern and fresh.

4. Concealed storage: More homeowners want to keep clutter out of sight without sacrificing convenience or accessibility when it comes to kitchen organization solutions such as built-in drawer organizers, pull-out pantries or secret compartments.

5. Customization options: Many cabinetry manufacturers offer customizable options such as multiple finish choices, sizing flexibility and personalized interior features allowing homeowners more control over the final product.

6.Smart Cabinets : Incorporating technology into cabinets make them smart which includes features like touch-less sensors for opening cabinet door ,built-in lighting systems etc.

The Future of Functional Cabinet Design

These new trends reveal how kitchens continue to evolve from functional spaces to areas where people spend time together by introducing beautiful design details while still providing essential functions within our homes’ hub – the kitchen!

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